Why Zombies? No.. Seriously..

Here lately with what I have been working on, I find myself coming over pages upon pages of novels. Searching for authors to contact. But that’s not my point. My point is, a vast majority of what I find, is zombie books. Understand that zombies are the new vampires. But I just don’t get it.

Zombies are zombies. Very little wiggle room. They sometimes run, which is exhilarating and terrifying, considering they have an insatiable drive to catch you. The walking zombies are fun, they are more like backdrops to stories rather than the main issue. By definition, a zombie must try to eat you or they simple are not zombies. All of them die first, in some shape or form, and decompose in some way or another.
That’s zombies in a nutshell. No real history to them, not much room to be innovative. Just walking or running corpses that try to eat you. The most innovative thing done with them is the new movie “Warm Bodies.” Which is a little sad that we are so captivated by these rotting flesh eaters that we had to make a love story about them.

Now a quick plug for vampires. Firstly, they may have brains and they may not. (I Am Legend – Underworld.) They may be pure evil or they may sparkle, (Twilight… – 30 Days of Night.) Vampires have lore and plenty of wiggle room. That’s why it was okay when they were on top, because at least, (outside of chick lit basically,) all stories were different in some way.
With zombies, every story feels like the same. I have even stopped watching The Walking Dead because I’ve simply had enough of the zombie genre. I even had a zombie book I was working on towards the end of the vampire craze. I wish I had finished it because I would have caught the zombie wave perfectly, but my lap top took a bad drop and that was that for a while.

I would just like to move on to something new, zombies have been played out. Hell, I’ll take a Godzilla craze at this point. As long as I don’t have to hear about any more people preparing for the “inevitable” zombie apocalypse.

Bit of a rant I guess. My bad.



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